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Darwins Game (Dub)

Ended 1 Seasons - 11 Episodes
Image Darwins Game (Dub)
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Sudou Kaname, an ordinary high school student, receives an invitation email to try a mysterious app called “Darwin’s Game.” Kaname, upon launching the app, is drawn into a game where players fight one another using superpowers called Sigils. Without knowing the reason for all this, can Kaname survive furious battles against the powerful players who attack him?

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24m 2020 922 views

Season 1
1 Image im-standing-on-a-million-lives-dub-21844-episode-9-season-2.jpg First Game2020
2 Image im-standing-on-a-million-lives-dub-21849-episode-10-season-2.jpg Gemstone Mine2020
3 Image cells-at-work-code-black-21854-episode-8-season-1.jpg Ignition2020
4 Image kujibiki-unbalance-dub-21859-episode-9-season-1.jpg Fireworks2020
5 Image combatants-will-be-dispatched-21864-episode-10-season-1.jpg Aquarium2020
6 Image the-promised-neverland-dub-21869-episode-11-season-2.jpg Hardness2020
7 Image cells-at-work-code-black-21874-episode-13-season-1.jpg Eighth2020
8 Image vlad-love-21876-episode-2-season-1.jpg Fragile2020
9 Image vlad-love-21878-episode-4-season-1.jpg Heads-Up2020
10 Image vlad-love-21880-episode-6-season-1.jpg Old Wang2020
11 Image vlad-love-21882-episode-8-season-1.jpg Sunset Ravens2020
  • Original title: ダーウィンズゲーム
  • In Production: No
  • First air date: 04-01-2020
  • Last air date: 21-03-2020
  • Genre: Animation
  • Rating: 5.0 1 votes
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